Working Families

Gay is a staunch defender of issues protecting working families, and have a proven track record of standing up for public sector employees, organized labor. She has not only spoken at union rallies on behalf of pensioners, she has organized rallies and stood shoulder to shoulder fighting for rights of union members at dozens of events over the years. Not as a union member, but as a parent, taxpayer and citizen who values the services these workers provide to her community, and wants them to be treated fairly.

Gay fights for:

  • the right of public and all employees to collectively bargain and I am 100% against the so-called right-to-work legislation
  • re-instituting Kentucky’s Prevailing Wage Law
  • a living wage not just a minimum wage
  • healthcare for all
  • fully funded pensions, and new revenue — not new sales taxes — to pay for them

Gay has received endorsements from members of practically every local union, and a unanimous endorsement from the members of Communications Workers of America Local 3310.