“The” Petition

Not “some” petitions. Not “two” petitions. “THE” petition (capitalization added for emphasis). In fact, the word “petition” is mentioned 18 times in the KY Supreme Court’s decision, but the specificity of “the petition” makes up 15 of those 38 mentions. The remainder are in reference to generalities, such as the law as it pertains to recalls, or the tax recall petition committee (6), such as in the excerpt below.

Furthermore, Theresa Camoriano, the “instigator” of the petition that did wind up in court is named 14 times in the legal document. My name is not mentioned once, nor is there any mention of any other group.

There was only one petition taken to court: The Tea Party’s. My pledge was nowhere to be seen on this ruling because it was never part of the lawsuit.

It describes the petition committee here.

A group of citizens did undertake to
challenge the excess portion, forming the Tax
Recall Petition Committee (Recall Committee). If
the Recall Committee could attain a threshold
number of signatures on a petition challenging
the excess portion of the tax, [3]then a question to
revoke the excess portion could be placed on the
ballot and presented to the relevant portion of the
voting public.[4] The Recall Committee filed an
affidavit with the Jefferson County Clerk, Bobbie
Holsclaw (County Clerk), on May 22, 2020. Its
official members included five residents of the
taxing jurisdictions of Jefferson County Public
Schools. Its driving force though was Theresa
Camoriano, who was listed as attorney for the
Recall Committee, but who was not a resident of
any affected tax jurisdiction and not a committee

You can read the entire 11-page document for yourself here:

Or here:

James must be more afraid of me than he is of the right wing extremist running against him from the other end of the political spectrum. He apparently thinks he has to make up lies about me to beat me. Easily disprovable lies.