My Spiritual Journey

I am not religious, but I do believe something “spiritual” exists beyond our human comprehension. Something more powerful than me. I’ve seen evidence of things beyond this realm, this life. I don’t believe there needs to be a scientific explanation to hold out for the possibility that something that I can’t possibly comprehend, much less put into words for others, exists. However, I reject any religion that demands blind faith because that’s how indoctrination and abuses occur. I am also willing to accept that if a scientific explanation, research or other data comes along that debunks pieces or entire positions, I do not cling to them. I search for new theories to explain my truth. This has been my guiding compass in movement work. But it’s so easy to feel unseen and invalidated. Especially when you keep doing everything right and the end result is always the same. It can feel hopeless. Desperate. Lonely.

But I’ve also experienced things that can only be described as miracles or “divine intervention.” I call it affirmation. There is no scientific explanation for it, but my vision comes in the form of very distinctive patterns. I try to watch for the signs, but most of the time they just fall into my lap. And as long as I follow what I can only describe as my truth, these “miracles” continue to happen. To some, this may sound a bit fantastical, but yet intolerance and oppression in the name of “Christianity” is baked into our daily lives. Hey, my method works for me and it’s been consistent. I’m just sharing my spiritual journey and experiences. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 😉