Adelmann has been a fierce advocate for Kentucky’s children. Below are some recent news articles:
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People in the JCPS school board meeting crowd disrupted Tuesday’s meeting over armed resource officers in schools. Some are calling for them to return, while others want to keep armed officers out of schools.(WAVE 3 News)
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The school privatization agenda took a major beating in the midterms

From California to New York, the charter school attack got a taste of democracy

NOVEMBER 23, 2018 5:59PM (UTC)

The Kentucky Teachers’ Walkout Was A Catalyst For More Advocacy — Jeff Bryant

Gay Adelmann, a candidate hopeful, held a sign that urged those wanting to govern JCPS should run for the school board as she was one of several who spoke out against a proposed state takeover of JCPS by the Kentucky Pastos in Action Coalition during a press conference outside of JCPS headquarters Tuesday morning. . April 24, 2018
JCPS needs Marty Pollio’s leadership — not a state takeover, public education group argues — Mandy McLaren
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Episode 13: Gay Adelmann

The entire hour covers the ongoing attempt to delegitimize and defund public schools here in Louisville, Kentucky.


Jefferson County Public Schools has halted plans to redesign one if its lowest performing high schools. Several parents voiced opposition to the plan, saying JCPS was moving too quickly. Shawnee PTA president Gay Adelmann says many parents she called following the announcement of the proposals didn’t know about the changes, though JCPS did offer public hearings.
Gay Adelmann moved to Louisville in summer 2012 with her son, who was preparing to enter his freshman year of high school.  They immediately began looking for schools. That wasn’t new to the family—they’d moved around the country several times before. But Louisville would be different.


Courier Journal

Tax break could send more kids to private schools, but would Kentucky’s public schools suffer?

Nonetheless, public school advocates see the programs as an attempt to privatize a public responsibility.

“They have cleverly crafted a way to have this money be taken from public schools in a backdoor way,” said Gay Adelmann, president and co-founder of Save Our Schools, a group that advocates for Kentucky’s traditional public schools.

Since the legislative session began Jan. 3, Adelmann, whose son graduated from Jefferson County Public Schools, has made frequent trips to Frankfort urging lawmakers to vote against the tax credit bills.

She said she won’t stop until they are defeated.

“As a taxpayer, I pay taxes because I want strong public schools,” she said. “We don’t have anything against private schools or Catholic schools. We just think people need to pay for them out of their own pocket.”

TV News:

Trimble County Schools has already announced it will close on Friday so teachers and staff can be in Frankfort, and the Jefferson County Teachers Association has asked its members to take a personal day on Friday so they can urge legislators to override Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes on budget and tax bills that passed April 2.
Tuesday, April 10th 2018, 1:29 PM EDT

Hiring of JCPS interim superintendent receives praise 

“He’s been able to turn things around at schools that are some of our most challenging schools,” said Gay Adelmann of Dear JCPS. “We are a challenging district right now, and being able to apply that at the district level is exactly what we need.” “He has invited us for a meeting,” said Adelmann. “That’s a refreshing change and a breath of fresh air.”
Insider Louisville

Examining school choice and tax-credit scholarships

KET “Kentucky Tonight” explored scholarship tax credits with local experts.

As calls for new leadership grow louder, business as usual at JCPS

As calls for her resignation grow louder, JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens says she remains singularly focused on improving achievement.

Schools audit prompts call for superintendent’s resignation

Local education stakeholders are calling for the resignation of JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens after a state review found “significant deficiencies.”

Research on charter school performance mixed

The second of an occasional series on charter schools focuses on academic performance.

Kentucky’s push for charter schools gains momentum

Charter schools are likely coming to Kentucky this year and that has some parents divided.

Bevin talks charter school with African-American preachers

Before Bevin arrived, protesters, including a representative of the group Dear JCPS, were ready to greet him with signs. Bevin came in through a different entrance. The protestors were not allowed inside the meeting and were kicked off church property. “It seems like they knew that we were here and they dropped him off at a different entrance,” Gay Adelmann with Dear JCPS said.
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