With #ALEC now investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Kentucky, protecting public education from threats of privatization has become a full-time job for some of our volunteers. Not only that, but travel expenses, printing costs, etc. come out of those same volunteers’ pockets, resulting in a double whammy!

Our volunteers have sacrificed 1000’s of hours of their personal time without complaint, but this work isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. In order to keep the pressure on as we head into 2019, we will need to compensate/reimburse some of our warriors for the time and expenses they incur while advocating for public education. Which means, it’s time to raise some funds!

Between now and the end of the year, we are asking for our supporters to make a monthly PLEDGE to carry us through 2019. It can be $5 per month, $100 per month, whatever you feel comfortable with. Whatever protecting public education and democracy are worth to you. Having monthly commitments from subscribers helps us plan our upcoming year a bit better. And sharing the load helps us go farther faster.

Here are some of the things your monthly contributions might be used for in 2019:

* Printing/Banners/Flyers/Mailers ($2,000 for 2018 legislative session, $1,000 remainder of year)
* Social Media Marketing Campaigns ($500 for 1Q 2019)
* Field Trip for Legislators to visit Indianapolis Public Schools ($1,500)
* Legislators’ Lunch and Learn ($800) – Cosponsors welcome
* Advocacy Day in Frankfort ($500) – Cosponsors welcome
* SOSKY Statewide Tour: Gas & lunch money ($500)
* Subscriptions (email, zoom, etc.) ($500/yr)
* Postage ($350)
* Swag Closet – prizes for donors ($700)
* Compensation for SOSKY officers when extended projects take their time away from their other professional obligations (up to $2,000/month)
* Compensation for canvassers to collect authentic data from stakeholders ($1,800)

We are hoping to receive commitments totaling $35,000 for 2019, or just under $3,000 per month. Donor levels receive prizes, such as t-shirts ($100/mo), mugs ($50/mo) and ($5/mo) window decals. We will be reaching out to allied organizations as well as individuals to assist us in reaching this goal. Please use the attached link to make your 2019 monthly commitment to protect public education in Kentucky today.

In addition, we have a relationship with a printing vendor that allows us to receive a portion of the proceeds to help fund our work. If you need any printing or logoed merchandise, please let us provide you with a bid! Call (502) 565-8397 today!

*Due to SOSKY’s status as a non-profit corporation, donations are not tax deductible at this time. We choose to operate without tax favorable treatment so that we can be most effective in our advocacy work.

Won’t you please make a pledge to support public education in 2019 today? Click here:

Thank you!!