Gay Adelmann is a revolutionary. She is a true leader, full of passion to improve our education system and help schools improve themselves. Schools are the places where future’s leaders spend a great deal of their time, seeking education and developing their thought processes. Society must help schools do what they must do: empower our children with knowledge and a desire to excel in life. Gay will do that. I request my fellow Democrats in Kentucky’s 36th senatorial district to pick Gay as their nominee for the state Senate. She will make an excellent senator. She will make the district, Kentucky, and America proud of her.
– Siddique Malik, 2014 Candidate for 36th District
Gay is a tireless advocate and champion for public schools: students, parents, and community members. She understands you get what you pay for and she realizes we need tax reform that includes new revenue sources. She is a great candidate.
– Robert Rodosky, Former Chief Data Officer for JCPS