Public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy, and Gay wants to ensure that every child has access to a free, quality public education. She also believes that public schools are under attack by wealthy elites who, however well-intentioned, believe that private corporations can do a better job than the public sector. This is reflected in their attempts to introduce charter schools, scholarship tax credits, high stakes testing, among other things. However, research shows that charter schools do not outperform public schools, and in fact, they take money and resources directly from our cherished local schools. This agenda has been furthered by billionaire elites who spend millions of dollars getting folks elected who will introduce canned legislation that places their needs above the needs of the local community and students in mind, and marketing budgets that spread a false narrative in order to sway public opinion against public schools. As a parent of two sons who graduated from public schools, Gay has been very outspoken and instrumental in getting this message out and affecting the outcomes of school boards, district leadership and legislation. If elected to serve District 36 in the Senate, Gay will continue to fight to keep public schools public, to expose corruption and cronyism, and affect legislation that will reverse this hurtful, “broken on purpose” agenda.