Gay Adelmann is best known for her public education advocacy work in Jefferson County Public Schools. She has served in the PTA at the school and district level. She is co-founder of a stakeholder advocacy group Dear JCPS. She is also co-founder of statewide policy group called Save Our Schools Kentucky. She is the creator and serves as the weekly co-host of Women on Watch, a bill club inspired by Kentucky House Representative Attica Scott. And she helped recruit 40 educators to run for office in 2018. Gay, her husband and both of their sons are public school graduates. Her youngest recently graduated from a so-called “failing” school in Jefferson County, and is now at the United States Naval Academy. This false narrative that was being used to drive a fraudulent privatization agenda is what led her into public education advocacy work. Public schools tie into so many core issues in our society. Gay wants to make sure we have strong public schools, properly funded pensions, access to healthcare, ability to attract jobs and businesses, criminal justice reform and more. Gay wants to expose corruption and eliminate wasteful spending by investing societal needs in the front end when they are less expensive to address. Gay stands ready to be your vote AND your voice in the Kentucky Senate.