Senate District 36

District 36 includes St. Matthews, Anchorage, Plainview, and Middletown. If you would be interested in hosting a house party and introducing me to your neighbors in the district, please give me a call.

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Public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy, and Gay wants to ensure that every child has access to a …


Gay has been fighting for public employee pensions. She believes the state needs to look into other revenue sources to …


Gay believes that basic healthcare is a right, not a privilege. She will fight to make sure citizens of this …

Working Families

Gay is a staunch defender of issues protecting working families, and have a proven track record of standing up for …

Finding New Revenue

I support finding new revenue instead of imposing more regressive taxes on teachers, students and public sector employees. This includes …

Social Justice

Public schools serve everyone, so you can’t address issues affecting our public schools without addressing the social and racial justice …


Gay Adelmann is a revolutionary. She is a true leader, full of passion to improve our education system and help schools improve themselves. Schools are the places where future’s leaders spend a great deal of their time, seeking education and developing their thought processes. Society must help schools do what they must do: empower our children with knowledge and a desire to excel in life. Gay will do that. I request my fellow Democrats in Kentucky’s 36th senatorial district to pick Gay as their nominee for the state Senate. She will make an excellent senator. She will make the district, Kentucky, and America proud of her.
– Siddique Malik, 2014 Candidate for 36th District
Gay is a tireless advocate and champion for public schools: students, parents, and community members. She understands you get what you pay for and she realizes we need tax reform that includes new revenue sources. She is a great candidate.
– Robert Rodosky, Former Chief Data Officer for JCPS

About Gay

Gay Adelmann
Democratic Candidate for Kentucky Senate District 36

About Gay: Gay Adelmann is a small business owner and founder of the marketing firm, LBI Buzz. Previously, Gay had a successful career in corporate management in the banking, financial services, insurance and healthcare sectors for both Fortune 500 and privately held corporations.

Born and raised in Texas, Gay attended public school, including earning her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Arlington. She has been married to her husband, Chris, for nearly 29 years, and they have two adult sons, Perry and Peyton.

Her oldest son, Perry, is studying Informatics at the University of Louisville. Peyton graduated from the Academy @ Shawnee in 2016 – one of the “lowest performing public schools in the state” – and is currently double majoring in mechanical and nuclear engineering at the United States Naval Academy, debunking the “failing schools” narrative.

Political Background: Gay Adelmann, a frequent speaker at Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) board meetings, co-founded Dear JCPS, a stakeholder advocacy group that has been working for increased transparency and accountability in JCPS, and improved student outcomes for public school students across Jefferson County.

Active in her son’s school, she established a PTSA, served as an advisory SBDM member, and as the school’s Academic Coordinator over their Quick Recall and Wing Design teams. Gay also served on the 15th District PTA Executive Board for three years.

Gay is also the co-founder of Save Our Schools Kentucky, which seeks to influence legislation at the state level to mitigate unintended consequences of well-meaning, but poorly informed laws that have the potential of placing greater burdens on our most vulnerable populations.

A public speaker in demand, Gay has appeared on KET’s Kentucky Tonight with Renee Shaw; used as a source by local media and is a frequent radio show guest.

Gay is also one of the founders of A Few Good Women Kentucky, which spearheaded an effort to elect pro-public education women (and men).  Recently, they helped recruit 40 educators to run for office against opponents who voted against public schools in 2017. Gay, realizing her own senator voted against public schools despite the requests of her constituents, stepped up to run. “If I was going to talk the talk, I needed to walk the walk,” she said.

“I am committed to working tirelessly on your behalf supporting public education, economic development, access to affordable healthcare, and criminal justice reform. I will work with other lawmakers regardless of party to repeal regressive legislation including charter schools, “right to work,” and “prevailing wage.”  -Gay

Campaign Fund of Gay Adelmann, Chris Adelmann, Treasurer

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